Cat accessories: What does my cat need?

The pet market offers a wide range of cat supplies for our cuddly house cats or outdoor cats. However, not everything on offer is suitable for your cat. As a cat owner, make sure when buying that cat accessories and cat furniture are really tailored to the needs of your velvet paw. You can of course be inspired by the wide range of cat accessories on offer, but if you know your cat, you will be able to assess its needs and determine what it needs.

If you are new to setting up a cat house, we recommend the following accessories in addition to basic cat furniture such as cat beds, cat trees or cat caves:

Stylish and cat-friendly: cat bowls from stylecats®

The food bowl should not be too deep or too high so that cats can comfortably eat their cat snacks. Removable bowls that can be washed separately are ideal. A lid for the bowls is also practical: if the cat food has not been completely eaten, you can cover it with the lid. Especially in the summer months, it is an advantage if the opened wet or dry food can also be placed in the fridge. This prevents the spread of unpleasant odours that can attract vermin.

If you live with several pets, examine their eating behaviour and observe whether the food is shared fraternally or whether there are small arguments over food. If the latter is the case, you should provide your four-legged friends with individual bowls.

Cat litter tray - when business calls

A litter tray is a must in every cat household and is one of the first items of cat equipment. Cleanliness is a basic need for cats, so a litter tray should always be within easy reach - preferably in a quiet place, but where your feline friend can see into the room from the litter tray.

If you share your home with several cats, as a cat owner you should provide each cat with at least one litter tray. Lined with sufficient cat litter, your house cats can do their small and large business here. Made from robust material (e.g. enamel), your pets' sharp claws cannot harm this important cat care utensil. With the right litter and thanks to regular cleaning, there will be no unpleasant odours in your cat's household - and your pet can feel completely at ease!

It's playtime! Cat toys from stylecats®

In addition to everyday cat necessities, such as a cosy place to sleep, toys for cats should not be neglected. Cute and mentally challenging cat toys not only provide entertainment for your tiger, playing together can also strengthen the bond with your cat. Our cats love a little variety in their everyday lives and with cat toys from stylecats®, ultimate playtime fun is guaranteed!

Buy cat accessories at stylecats®

Your needs are not neglected in the stylecats® cat shop either:

In the usual stylecats® manner, our products not only score with their functionality, we also make sure that cat accessories and cat furniture are modern and stylishly designed. For all stylecats® basic equipment such as cat beds or cat trees, cat bowls or litter trays, we pay attention to purist design.

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