Scratching posts

We know how important it is that your furry friend can sharpen its claws and climb without damaging your furniture. Discover our stylish scratching posts!

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Stylish scratching posts for happy cats

Our purring companions love to stretch their little paws and sharpen their claws on almost anything they can touch. If this natural instinct comes over our furry friends, even our expensive furniture is not spared. So that your velvet paw can fulfil this need without your furniture having to suffer, you should transform your home into a little climbing and scratching paradise. And don't worry! stylecats® offers a wide range of stylish scratching furniture in modern colours that will blend discreetly and unobtrusively into the design of your home.

In addition to cat trees and scratching posts, you can also equip your home with a scratching post. At stylecats® you will find everything your cat's heart desires - we have a diverse selection of high-quality scratching furniture that is both functional and stylish.

High-quality designer scratching posts for cats

To ensure that a cat tree is well accepted by the cat and can withstand wild climbing actions, it should not wobble or even tip over. Scratching posts from stylecats® therefore have a heavy base plate made of powder-coated steel. This allows your cat to enjoy stretching out on its scratching post without it starting to wobble. The high quality of our scratching posts is also reflected in the materials we use.

●        The replaceable trunk is made of spruce wood and is finished with 100% sisal - a natural fibre with a dense structure and long service life.

●        The lying surface has a soft cover. This is hard-wearing and has an insulating and warming effect.

●        The trunk is fixed to a sturdy steel plate with high-quality fittings and screws.

Scratching posts for cats in various designs

stylecats® columns are available in small and large versions. Depending on your needs or the space in your home, you can choose the right height. Whether you're looking for a free-standing scratching post or one that can be attached to the wall, you'll find what you're looking for here. The robust sisal trunk is available in the colours

●        beige,

●        anthracite and

●        light grey available.

Scratching posts with lying surface

We also offer scratching posts with an integrated lying surface that provides your cat with additional comfort with a soft cushion.

Scratching posts with a lying surface don't just give your tiger the opportunity to lie down,

●        climb to your heart's content and

●        to sharpen his claws,

●        it also serves as a place to retreat and relax.

The warming pad on the lying surface ensures that your velvet paw can snuggle up nicely on its platform.

Buy stylecats® scratching posts online

Scratching is not only beneficial for claw care, but also for marking your cat's territory. Therefore, take this into account when placing the scratching post. We recommend that you place the post in a central, easily accessible location so that your cat uses it frequently and as much as possible.

The simple stylecats® principle also applies to our scratching posts: you only buy the base of the cat tree once, but you can upgrade all the wearing parts of your cat furniture at any time. This way, we protect the environment and you protect your wallet.