Cat furniture

Designer cat furniture for your tiger

s a cat owner, you're probably familiar with the problem: cats love to scratch furniture and add the odd unsightly scratch mark with their sharp cat claws. You can easily prevent this problem with high-quality scratching furniture. In addition to a cat tree, scratching furniture such as a climbing wall gives your cat the opportunity to play and sharpen its claws without damaging your furniture.

And don't worry: cats want to mark their territory or sharpen their claws - it doesn't matter to them whether the scratching furniture is square or round. With every piece of stylecats® scratching furniture, their instincts will tell them what they can do with it - scratch it.

At stylecats® you will find a large selection of unique and stylish cat trees and scratching furniture in various designs. Make your home the best cat home in the world!

Which scratching furniture suits me and my cat?

Our cats are fantastic pets: they are playful, cuddly and have a mind of their own. But when it comes to furnishing our homes, it can be difficult to find the right piece of furniture that also fulfils our cats' needs. Luckily, stylecats® has a wide range of high-quality and modern cat furniture that is not only functional, but also makes a real design statement. The stylecats® scratching furniture collection consists of different models, sizes and scratch-resistant materials to choose from. So the furniture in your home doesn't have to serve as a cat toy.

Cat furniture for the wall

A scratching wall should be installed at the latest when the wallpaper is completely ruined from your pet's scratching. Because instead of sharpening their claws on the wall, your velvet paw can do this on the scratching wall provided. Some models have matching inserts for cosy lying areas on the wall so that your cat can not only sharpen its claws on the scratching wall, but also relax on it. Wall-mounted cat furniture offers a number of advantages for you and your feline friend:

●        Scratching furniture is particularly welcome entertainment for indoor cats.

●        Your cat can clean and sharpen its claws while scratching.

●        Climbing on a scratching wall helps your cat to build up its muscles.

●        With cat furniture on the wall, your cat has a place to retreat and a nice view of its cat house.

●        We offer cat furniture for the wall in different versions so that you can find the perfect model for your interior style.

Wooden cat furniture

Our stylecats® scratching furniture is made from high-quality materials, in most cases fully produced in Germany. This means that stylecats® production stands for the highest standards and best quality.

Our scratching walls are made from high-quality materials such as

●        robust sisal and

●        high-quality birch multiplex wood.

The wood is particularly sturdy and the sisal elements can be easily replaced when worn. The stylecats® cat furniture has a long service life and is designed for sustainability.

Cardboard cat furniture

Only high-quality, certified corrugated cardboard is used in the production of our multifunctional cardboard cat furniture. The individual layers of cardboard are

●        odourless and

●        glued together without formaldehyde.

The cardboard cat furniture is not only robust and perfectly suited to your cat's needs, but also blends in perfectly with your cat house.

All stylecats® scratching furniture is ideal as a complement to a stylecats® cat tree. This allows you to offer your cat different scratching options and thus sufficient variety in everyday life.

Buy cat furniture online

The cat furniture from stylecats® is not only functional, but also a real eye-catcher. We work with renowned manufacturers to ensure that our furniture is not only practical, but also stylish, cosy and modern looking. Whether you're looking for a climbing wall in a minimalist design or a cat tree in bright colours, we have the perfect selection for you! When you order online from stylecats®, you can be sure that you're getting high-quality, durable cat furniture that can withstand even the wildest cat games.