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Designer cat trees for your cat

A happy cat is the goal of every cat owner. In addition to enough food and activities, a happy cat needs cat trees to sharpen and scratch its claws. Cat trees not only support the health of your furball by paw care and strengthening the muscles when scratching and stretching, they are also an ideal place to play, climb, rest and observe. They are also useful for you: The modern stylecats® cat scratching posts protect your furniture and wallpaper from your cat's sharp claws and enhance the look of any room. Your cat will quickly learn to use them.

No more compromises on furnishings and distracting eye-catchers! Stylecats® offers you a large selection of cat trees to suit you and your cat. We offer modern classics with a timeless design.

Which cat tree is best for me?

Your cat can only lead a happy life if its needs are met. Scratching furniture such as scratching posts with their different uses for cuddling, scratching or romping support your cat in this. This is because cats communicate through their body language, sounds and odours, which are also distributed when scratching. This elementary form of communication should also be made possible for our domestic cats through cat trees in the home.

Cat trees from stylecats® are always a good choice because all models fulfil this function. Your cat will intuitively understand what the scratching furniture is intended for, regardless of the colour and material. You can therefore choose your cat tree freely according to your visual preferences and adapt it to your home - there is no right or wrong here. You can choose between modern designer cat trees and classic, stylish cat trees.

Designer cat trees made of wood and other high-quality materials

When developing and manufacturing stylecats® cat trees, we focus on the holistic fulfilment of the needs of cats and humans. Our designer cat trees do without superfluous decorations and accessories: we concentrate on the essentials and create cat trees with a straightforward, minimalist design which, thanks to their innovative restraint, fit into any living room and any living ambience. Stylecats® cat trees are made from high-quality materials such as

●        Sisal,

●        Felt,

●        cat-friendly fabrics that are easy to clean in the washing machine or by hand washing,

●        MDF, medium density fibreboard, or

●        Birch multiplex wood.

Modern cat trees - different models

By using a cat tree, cats can fulfil their daily need for exercise and burn off excess energy by climbing and scratching endlessly. The cat tree is therefore your cat's fitness equipment at home. Stylecats® cat trees are available in different variants:

●        Cat trees for the wall: climbing posts from stylecats® not only look stylish and enhance the appearance of any wall, the posts are also easy to install. Whether horizontally, vertically, alone or in combination with several models - the cat trees for the wall offer you creative options and can be installed to suit your and your cat's needs. The space-saving wall-mounted scratching posts are also thick enough for your feline friend to climb and snooze on.

●        Cat trees with lying surfaces: So that your cat can stretch and stretch and even take a nap comfortably, our stylecats® cat trees have cosy lying surfaces available in soft, cuddly fabrics.

Our tip: You can also leave a toy or treat for your cat on the scratching boards - this will make your cuddly tiger even happier on its cat tree.

●        Cat trees large and small: We offer cat furniture for scratching in various sizes. From small cat trees with just one scratching board to high cat trees with several scratching boards on different levels, from which your tiger can keep an overview of your home. You can choose the quantity according to your wishes and rotate the scratching boards individually through 360 degrees.

●        Cat trees with caves: If you have a cat that is rather shy and likes to hide, scratching furniture with a cave attachment is ideal. If there is too much hustle and bustle in the house, your pet can retreat into it. You can also line the cave with cosy plush - this will make the cat tree your cat's favourite retreat and sleeping place!

Buy cat trees online

Cat trees from stylecats® offer you many other advantages in addition to their attractive appearance. They are

●        long-lasting,

●        sustainable - wear parts and accessories for stylecats® cat trees can be purchased individually,

●        available in natural colours such as beige, anthracite or light grey

●        practical - sisal trunks and sisal inserts as well as pads for the cat trees can be easily replaced in a few simple steps

●        and in most cases are produced in Germany.