The focus is on giving your cat the space it needs in the third dimension and giving you as much freedom as possible. Floating and chic, this scratching wall furniture makes your cat look good. Perfect for any interior style and even for small rooms. Scratching tree 2.0.

The wall-hung FREISCHWEBER is a special chill-out area for cats. Quite inconspicuous and floating, it offers Miezi a climbing frame and a haven of peace at the same time. This concept can definitely be confused with a wall shelf. No ground contact, no floor slab - this comfortable resting place can be used in many places without attracting much attention.

Even a filigree wall protrusion is sufficient for simple assembly in order to fasten the stable trunk to the wall with screws. Then insert / fix the shelves, done!

The FREISCHWEBER is available in three to five beds

The FREISCHWEBER conceptIntegrate deal in modern living concepts. At the FREISCHWEBER cat furniture, cats can run around, jump, sleep or chill and enjoy the view from above. In combination, for example, the stylecats® scratching boards SCRATCHY can be used to care for the cat's claws.

As with all stylecats® scratching post concepts, the microfiber inlays can be exchanged afterwards. The bottom microfiber inlays on the back of the bottom can be loosened and exchanged using screws. This means that there is no need to replace a complete base or even the complete CANTILEVER.

The stylecats® FREISCHWEBER consist exclusively of high-quality materials such as hard-wearing microfibre, exclusively metal fittings (no plastic), birch multiplex plywood - the most stable and rigid wood of its kind. Screws, dowels and Allen keys are included in the delivery.

An object that not only floats thanks to its wall mounting, but also blends in with most (light-coloured) walls thanks to its light-coloured surface. A real shelf or cat bed shelf that can naturally be integrated into modern interiors.

The dark grey FREISCHWEBER concept hangs elegantly on the wall. This cat object can be perfectly combined with existing solid wood furniture or in very cool rooms. Thanks to the wall mounting, the Freischweber never loses its lightness.