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Cozy Caves for cats

Discover stylish cat caves for velvet paws. Which cat cave suits you and your cat?

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Modern cat caves

In the excitement of everyday cat life, cats like to find a quiet place to relax and regenerate after a wild hunting or play session. So it can be difficult to find your cat at home when it has retreated to its favourite place in search of security. It is therefore important to create a safe retreat for your cat at home. With a designer cuddly cave from stylecats®, you can offer your cat a protected, enclosed place to sleep that is also a decorative piece of furniture for your living space.

Advantages of a designer cat cave for your home

Unlike open cat beds, cuddly caves are closed hollow bodies made of various materials that have an opening for the cat to enter. Cats love to hide in special places in their home and therefore often look for narrow, enclosed retreats. The cuddly caves from stylecats® are perfectly tailored to your cat's preferences:

●        Opportunity to rest: A cuddly cave also serves as a sleeping area where your velvet paw can rest undisturbed.

●        Safety: Thanks to its closed structure, a cuddly cave offers your cat an ideal hiding place when it is looking for protection and security. The soft walls are a wonderful place to snuggle up.

●        Claw care: Many cuddly caves are true all-rounders and have an integrated scratching surface.

●        Decorative piece of furniture: Thanks to the modern designs, the stylecats® cuddly caves blend harmoniously into the furnishing style in your home.

Which cuddly cave suits me and my cat?

When choosing the right cuddly cave, you should consider the following:

●        The shape of the cat cave should make it easy to get in and out.

●        Inside the cuddly cave, the cat should have enough space to make itself cosy.

●        At first glance, many cuddly caves may seem a little small for your cat. But don't forget: our cats love to curl up and snuggle up. This is important so that your cat can relax and recover from the excitement of everyday cat life in a deep sleep.

We offer our cuddly caves in various models and materials so that there is a suitable place to rest for every cat and every home.

Cat caves for the wall

A cosy cat cave with a great view of the cat house - the cat cave on the wall is a favourite spot for many velvet paws! In a cat cave that is attached to the wall at the desired height, your tiger can sleep in peace without being distracted, which would be the case, for example, if the cuddly cave were to intersect with walking paths on the floor.

Many of our models can be used in combination with the stylecats® cat trees made of wood and sisal elements for the wall.

Cat caves for large cats

Many of our cat cave models are also suitable for our large cats. For larger cat breeds, we recommend a cave that is about

●        45 cm long,

●        40 cm high and

●        35 cm wide.

Some stylecats® cat caves are not only suitable for large cats, but also for two cats cuddling together inside the sleeping cave.

Cosy cat caves made from robust material

We only want the best for your velvet paw - that's why we use cat-friendly materials such as felt, mountain sheep's wool or virgin wool for our stylecats® cat caves, so that your cat can relax in a natural environment. These materials ensure that your velvet paw can retreat into a cosy cave for a restful deep sleep. Cats clearly prefer a warm place to sleep - stylecats® uses cosy materials such as wool for the cuddly caves to keep your tiger warm.

Felt cat caves

Felt is a warm, soft natural material and is ideal for creating a cosy ambience inside the cuddly caves. Cuddly caves made from felt are

●        breathable,

●        store heat and

●        have a temperature equalising effect.

Most of our felt cat caves are felted by hand using water and olive soap.

Washable cat caves: How can I clean my cat cave?

The perfect sleeping cave for your house cat should be cosy, comfortable and clean. Many of our cosy cat caves are machine washable. Some are better cleaned by hand. Our clean cats are known to spend a lot of time grooming their fur. Their cat beds and cuddly caves should also be kept clean at all times:

●        Wool cat caves: Pure new wool or mountain sheep's wool are naturally self-cleaning and can be vacuumed or shaken out if necessary. If they become heavily soiled, woollen sleeping caves can be carefully cleaned by hand washing.

●        Felt cat cave: Cuddly felt caves are dirt-repellent. It is usually sufficient to remove dirt from the cave with a sticky lint roller and air it out a little. If more extensive cleaning is necessary, you can carefully wash the felt cuddly cave by hand.

●        Cat cave with removable cat cushion: Many of the cuddly caves from stylecats® come with a removable cushion that you can wash in the washing machine at 30° Celsius.

Modern cat caves from stylecats®

The stylecats® design cuddly caves can be ideally combined with other cat accessories. Thanks to the modern designs, the stylecats® cuddly caves blend harmoniously into the furnishing style of your home. With a designer cat cave, you will not only make your cat happy, but also yourself.