Cat bowls

Food bowls are part of your cat's basic equipment. At stylecats® you will find stylish and functional cat bowls, litter trays and feeding stations for your darling.

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Cat bowls - stylish feeding places for discerning cats

A good feeding place and a suitable cat bowl are essential for your cat's health and well-being. After all, you can only feed your tiger sufficiently if it feels comfortable and can relax at its feeding place. The choice of food bowl is therefore important. We explain what is important.

Which bowls are best for cats?

Our stylecats® cat bowls are optimised to meet your cat's needs. Cat bowls should fulfil certain functions so that they are well accepted by your cat and are also practical for you. Our stylecats® bowls are

●        durable,

●        space-saving,

●        easy to clean,

●        dishwasher safe,

●        have the right heigt,

●        have removable bowls and

●        are made of high-quality materials such as shatterproof melamine or melamine resin, Brike multiplex wood with HPL coating or a composite material made of mineral components and acrylic.

The food bowls should not slide back and forth - that's why our bowls have a stable base. A food bowl made of plastic or stainless steel, for example, is therefore not suitable: Melamine or ceramic are the better choice here. Thanks to the non-slip material of our stylecats® cat bowls, you can dispense with a bowl mat.

Would you like a very special bowl? Discover our feeding station: it has two bowls that you can use for different cat food. This gives you the option of serving your cat wet food and dry food at the same time or using one bowl as a water bowl. Non-slip feet protect your floor and prevent the station from slipping during feeding. You can also choose between the colours white and anthracite.

Flat cat bowls from stylecats®

The cat bowl should be neither too high nor too deep so that your cat can eat comfortably. As a general rule, your cat's bowl should have a small rim of 3 to 5 cm. This is because cats have sensitive whiskers (vibrissae), which are part of their sense of touch. The cat bowl should therefore be wide enough so that your cat doesn't bump its vibrissae on the rim when eating. This could cause her pain and make her stop eating. With our cat bowls from stylecats® you are on the safe side: they are the perfect height and shape so that your cat can enjoy its food pain-free and undisturbed.

Raised cat bowls

A raised cat bowl promotes your cat's health. Eating from a higher position has various advantages:

●        It relieves pressure on your furry friend's spine and neck and is therefore particularly useful for older or sick cats.

●        A raised bowl can contribute to better digestion in animals. This is because your cat is prevented from gulping and eats more slowly. It therefore takes in less air while eating, which reduces the risk of it choking or vomiting.

●        Your cat can also keep a better eye on its surroundings, which increases its well-being while eating.

Raised cat bowls are therefore considered ergonomic bowls. They should also have an ideal rim height of no more than 5 cm, be wide enough so that your cat's head and whiskers can easily fit inside and be made of materials that are safe for your tiger. Be inspired by the cat bowls from stylecats® that have these features.

What do cats prefer to drink from?

Your cat's drinking bowl or drinking fountain should fulfil the same criteria as its food bowl: it should have a rim of no more than 5 cm, be made of safe materials and be non-slip. If the drinking bowl fulfils these characteristics, your four-legged friend will be happy to drink from it - as long as the drink is right. Your cat's favourite drink depends entirely on its individual preferences: Some cats prefer to drink fresh water from the tap, others only drink when the water has been standing for a while and is stale. So grab one of our stylecats® bowls for your velvet paw and fill it with your cat's favourite water.

Cleaning cat bowls

The stylecats® cat bowls are easy to clean. You can simply rinse them with warm water after your cat's meal to remove any remaining food. Our bowls are also dishwasher-safe: they can withstand a thorough clean in the dishwasher - once a week is enough.

Buy designer cat bowls from stylecats® online

Our cat bowls are not only functional and are characterised by their high quality thanks to their materials. They also impress with their appearance. With their minimalist, elegant design, the stylish cat bowls fit into any living environment and will be an eye-catcher in your home for every visitor. So do something good for yourself and your velvet paw and choose a cat bowl from our stylecats® range in our online shop.