Cat beds

Cat beds

Discover stylish cat beds for velvet paws. We'll show you what's important when buying.

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Modern designer cat beds

You have to be a cat - because as a house cat, it is completely normal to spend most of the day sleeping. That's why cat beds, cat loungers, cat baskets and cat sofas are essential as cosy places to sleep and retreat to in the cat house. Whoever sleeps most of the day deserves luxury and cosiness when it comes to cat beds.

The stylecats® cat bed collection guarantees

● a high feel-good factor,

● a retreat suitable for cats and

● restful hours of sleep for your cat.

And every cat bed also impresses with its modern and unique look. Make your home the best cat house in the world!

Which cat bed suits me and my cat?

The cat-friendly bed is just as much a part of furnishing the cat house as the cat tree. Every cat bed is designed to fulfil the sleeping needs of your velvet paw as well as your furnishing requirements. Which cat bed suits your home?

●        Size: In order for your tiger to be able to roll around, stretch and stretch out, it needs enough space to lie down. Many of the cat bed variants also offer space for two pets if they like to sleep together in the cat bed. So if you have several house tigers living with you, take a close look at their sleeping behaviour

●        Colour: The cosy retreats from stylecats® are available in different colours. Subtle colours such as beige go particularly well with the minimalist furnishing style. If you fancy more colour, you can also choose a cat bed in purple, mint green or red!

●        High or low rim: The cat-friendly models offer a wide variety of different shapes, for example with a high or low rim. Cats that need a lot of warmth prefer a high rim. The open version is suitable for velvet paws that quickly get too warm. Whether your furry friend can relax in a round or square bed, similar to a cat sofa, is all the same to them!

●       Materials: Fluffy for cats and beautiful to look at for design lovers - our cosy and upholstered sleeping areas are available in different versions. What most cat beds have in common is that they are made by hand. We use high-quality, cat-friendly materials such as new wool or soft cotton wool fleece. Cat beds made of corduroy are not only soft, but also visually appealing.

●        Placement: You can place our stylecats® cat beds anywhere - next to the radiator or on the bed, sofa or floor, wherever your cat feels most comfortable and can rest. It is important that the cat sleeping area is well protected from draughts and moisture. If you want to give your cat a place to sleep in an elevated position, choose a cat bed that can be mounted on the wall.

Washable cat beds: How can I clean cat beds?

Cats are very clean and tidy animals. They groom themselves often and extensively. The cat's sleeping area should also always be clean and easy to clean:

●        Cat beds made of wool or wool felt are very hygienic and clean by nature. If cleaning is necessary, these cat beds made of wool or wool felt can be cleaned by hand rather than in the washing machine.

●        Polyester cat beds with fleece from the stylecats® collection have the advantage that they can be washed in the washing machine at 30° Celsius and are fresh and clean again in no time. When washing, make sure to use neutral, cat-friendly detergents.

●        Retreat options with removable cat cushions and covers are particularly advantageous.

●        Cat hair or cat litter can also be easily vacuumed or removed by shaking out the cat bed.

●        You can also use a conventional lint brush to remove cat hair.

Buy the perfect cat bed online at stylecats®

The cat bed should offer your cat a protective retreat. Because when your cat is happy, so are you! At the same time, the cat bed should also match your interior. That's why the stylecats® online shop offers many cosy cat beds, cat sofas and cat caves in different designs. From cosy, Scandinavian furnishing styles to modern minimalism - there's a stylish cat bed for every interior design lover.