You are fond of minimalist interiors and want to get the most out of your cat's home. Thanks to its minimalist cat tree design, MOUNTY blends into your living space like no other cat tree before it. Even in small living spaces, valuable floor space is preserved thanks to the cat tree wall solution.

Would you like to give your cat home a fresh look? Then now is the time for the MOUNTY cat tree to move in with you. This design cat tree is hard to beat in terms of modernity. Functionality and design merge in perfection with this scratching furniture concept. No wishes remain unfulfilled here. Style and function. Stable and timeless, the MOUNTY cat tree can find its ideal place in every cat's home.

Attractiveness is its strength. Your cat will like your new scratching post in no time at all and take it over. The only question that remains is: who lies where? With this cat tree there are enough sleeping, scratching and climbing possibilities, even elegant cat tree corner solutions around 180 degrees are possible. The MOUNTY cat tree is also the most stable concept you could wish for your cats. Here you can romp and climb all around and the trunks will give your cat the perfect climbing fun. With a small number of screws, you can create a retreat with cat tree MOUNTY that you and your cats will appreciate. Even with strong jumps and climbing attacks, this cat tree will remain stable like a rock.

Not with the MOUNTY cat tree. We have deliberately dispensed with the base plate. This gives you more legroom and no dust accumulation (under a base plate). On the contrary. Place an attractive green plant or a basket for storing cat toys in the newly gained space. Please also note our corner cat tree model-MOUNTY. Wasted corners can be perfectly designed with MOUNTY and the cat gains a new protected home.

We are convinced that we have the right cat tree model for every living space. The models start at a height of one metre and can be chosen up to a height of two metres. When choosing your cat tree, take into account how high your ceilings are. We still recommend an intermediate distance to the ceiling of 50 centimetres. If your cats like to lie in pairs, the double floor is a good choice. Equipped with a cosy cat bed, your cat can retreat perfectly on the MOUNTY cat tree without being disturbed.

...Mounty also has the same feature: all cat tree wear parts can be easily replaced or reordered afterwards. This saves you having to buy a completely new scratching post.