Scratching trunks

Scratching trunks are valuable for your tiger because they help your cat to satisfy its natural urges. Discover stylish designer scratching trunks with us.

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Design scratching trunks for cats

To protect your furniture from unwanted scratches from your cat's claws, scratching posts are part of every cat owner's basic equipment. With so many cat trees on the market, it's not easy to find the right one for you and your cat. How about a scratching trunk? Our stylecats® designer scratching trunks capture the charm of mountain groups and the challenges of a strenuous climb: Our scratching trunks bring a little bit of trekking adventure into your cat's home, helping them to stay fit and healthy through exercise, even as an indoor cat. Cats also benefit from scratching trunks as they can extend their claws to scratch and groom their paws undisturbed.

Pamper your cat and browse through our stylecats® scratching trunks for an exclusive climbing experience for your favourite.

Scratching trunks from small to XXL: these are our models

With their minimalist design, our stylecats® scratching trunks fit into any home decor. Our scratching trunks impress with sufficient features:

●        Our models offer your cat a challenging play and climbing environment thanks to a variety of assembly options,

●        their sturdy construction give them security and

●        are available in different sizes and lengths (up to 68 cm). They adapt perfectly to your home and your cat: whether a compact, space-saving model as a scratching post or piled up into a luxurious XXL scratching trunk that becomes the centre of the room.

Scratching trunks for the wall

Scratching trunks from stylecats® are not only visually appealing, but also easy to install. Unlike a scratching post, which is fitted with a base plate, the post can be easily attached to the wall using a modern steel bracket. You can customise the orientation of the scratching trunk for your cat. The stylecats® scratching trunks can be attached to your wall.

●        horizontally or

●        decorate vertically,

●        cover corners and wall protrusions due to their angular shape and thus save a lot of space in your home and

●        by combining several trunks, your velvet paw can gain height when climbing and always keep an overview.

Scratching trunk made from high-quality materials: natural wood and co.

With our scratching trunks for cats, we attach great importance to high-quality materials that meet the needs of your cat and fulfil our quality standards - so the scratching trunks are durable and hard-wearing. The stylecats® scratching trunks are made of

●        robust and durable sisal,

●        powder-coated steel on the holders, which ensures the safety of your cat, and

●        dried, sturdy spruce wood.

Our selection of high-quality materials makes our scratching trunks not only functional, but also ensures a stylish look and aesthetic design.

Buy designer scratching trunks and spare parts online

stylecats® scratching trunks are not only available in various timeless colours such as anthracite, beige or light grey and can be adapted to the size of any wall surface, you can also easily buy accessories and spare parts such as individual scratching trunks in our shop. So if your cat is too enthusiastic, you don't have to dispose of the entire cat tree set. So don't wait any longer! While your cat can play, climb and relax euphorically, you can enjoy the harmonious furnishings thanks to the elegance and functionality of the scratching trunks from our stylecats® brand.