Cat toys

Cat toys not only provide variety in your cat's everyday life, but also keep your tiger mentally and physically fit. Discover extraordinary cat toys.

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Cat toys - the adventurous activity for your cat

Whether your cat is an outdoor or indoor cat, every cat has a natural urge to play that should definitely be indulged. Because playing is not just a fun pastime for them: it is also important for the development of your velvet paw. Playing helps to reduce stress and aggression, makes them more self-confident and keeps them moving - so playing even keeps tigers fit and promotes their mental and physical health. We at stylecats® offer you a large selection of cat toys that not only impress with their quality, but also visually.

Extraordinary cat toys: from mouse to ball

With cat toys from stylecats®, you as a cat owner can provide fun and variety for your four-legged friend, because you have the choice between different variants

●       Colours: From bright orange to subtle grey - our species-appropriate toys are available in all colours. So you are free to choose your favourite colour.

●        Shapes: Cat toys from stylecats® are available in different models. Whether it's play mice, play fishing rods, vegetable sticks or balls - with our products, your furry friend's and your own playtime fun is guaranteed.

●        Sizes: You can adapt the toy to the size of your velvet paw, as there are large and small cat toys.

The best cat toys: What do cats like to play with?

Playing is one of the basic needs of our cats and ensures satisfaction and well-being. Playing together between humans and animals also strengthens your bond. What cats like to play with varies greatly from cat to cat. It depends on your cat's character and taste. Our cat toys from stylecats® have something for every cat. Because your cat can play with them:

●       satisfy their hunting instinct: When playing, it is important to fulfil your cat's hunting instinct. As cats' prey such as birds, mice or insects tend to be small, cat toys of a similar size are ideal for them to romp around with to their heart's content. It is particularly attractive for your cat if the toy dangles from a pole or string and has a pendant such as a swinging feather so that he can chase it and grab it. Scratching toys or toys with sounds are also great options to challenge your feline mentally and physically.

●        hunt and watch from hiding places: If you want to give your pet a special treat, you can build a hiding place in your home using blankets, cushions, cardboard boxes, a cat tunnel or scratching furniture. Once your cat has hidden, you can lure it with a cat lure. It will watch its toy prey from its hiding place and grab it at the right moment. The hunt can begin.

●       stimulate their senses: Many of our stylecats® cat toys are suitable as scented toys. If you sprinkle the toy with catnip or valerian, you can create a special experience for your cat. The effect of the different scents is varied: they can relieve tension, trigger euphoric feelings or have a relaxing and calming effect and stimulate every kitten's play instinct.

Buy cat toys online at stylecats®

Our stylecats® online shop has a large selection of high-quality cat toys. Our products are made from

selected materials - our cat toys are made of robust and hard-wearing materials such as wool felt and beech wood, which can withstand scratches from your four-legged friend's claws,

are in most cases manufactured by hand and

easily washable.

Cat toys from stylecats® are effective because they satisfy your cat's natural needs and delight you and your pet. So don't wait any longer and be inspired by our wide range of cat toys.