Wandtastic. Are you looking for a smart climbing solution for your cat? Then the hunt is over. The TREKKY climbing trunk impresses with its minimalist look and powder-coated steel design. A scratching wall and lying surface at the same time that you won't be able to get enough of and a little piece of indoor trekking adventure for your cats, fully produced in Germany.

Even though cats like to spend more than 16 hours a day sleeping, especially indoor cats need a lot of exercise in the remaining time. Compared to outdoor cats, they lack a certain amount of exercise. To support them in this and to make their territory in their own walls as attractive as possible, we offer you the perfect stage for your cats with our wall scratching posts. Unlike conventional scratching posts, the design of our angular scratching posts has been tried and tested for more than 10 years and is puristic and functional in many ways.

Scratching post TREKKY offers you the possibility to design your cat home completely according to your wishes. It can be used in so many different ways that we will be happy to advise you. We recommend that you observe your cats carefully beforehand and then decide where your scratching posts should be placed and whether there are other wall scratching elements, for example GRIPPY, SCRATCHY, MOUNTY, RELEX or VIEW, which you can include in your planning. The better you plan, the more active your cat will be able to make full use of its new scratching furniture and, at the end of the day, it will be healthy and balanced thanks to more exercise. Climbing Trunk TREKKY does not take away any living space, but creates new living space for your cat and that in all directions.

In addition or as an alternative to a scratching post, which cannot offer all these advantages, your cat is able to mark its territory and sharpen its claws on the trunk with the natural and very high quality sisal with TREKKY scratching furniture. This promotes their good well-being and your cat can completely live out its territorial behaviour. The scratching posts can be positioned vertically, diagonally or horizontally. The latter also gives the cat the opportunity to balance on the trunk, which activates rarely used muscle groups. There is still enough space between the wall and the scratching post so that your cat can also climb around the post. Cats like to dangle their legs. They will love it!

If you connect several scratching elements sensibly with each other and integrate existing furniture, you can turn an unused wall into a true cat paradise in the third dimension. Your cat will discover completely new corners in its territory.

With the TREKKY scratching post in two different sizes, a piece of cat furniture in a modern and minimalist design moves into your home. Due to the different sizes, the walls can be individually designed and convince with many extension possibilities afterwards. The solid wood scratching posts are available in four sisal colours and, if necessary, the posts can be easily replaced without having to remove the wall construction. The scratching furniture consists of a robust 3 mm thick metal frame, available in white or anthracite. We produce in Hanover and only use high-quality materials. Convince yourself in the respective eco-balance. Elevated places offer nice retreat possibilities. Therefore, offer your cat exactly these possibilities.