Cat trees for kitten

Cat Trees for kitten

Did you know that cat trees promote your kitten's physical and mental health? Discover high-quality and stylish designer cat trees for kittens here.

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Design cat trees for kittens

Our kittens' claws may be tiny, but they can still cause a lot of damage to expensive furnishings. That's why a cat tree should follow soon after your kitten moves in. As a cat owner, you will also know how important it is to offer your pet enough variety and climbing opportunities in your home. This is where our cat scratching posts come into play! At stylecats® you have a large selection of cat trees that are specially adapted to the needs of our young cats.

A cat tree is very important for your kitten's physical and mental development. With the cat cat trees from stylecats®, your cat can

●        visibly mark their territory,

●        stretch and relax their muscles,

●        climb, romp and play,

●        reduce their stress and

●        sharpen their claws.

Claw care is not only important for your cat's health, but also for the protection of your furniture. With the cat furniture from stylecats®, you can offer your kitten a challenging change in everyday life without the cat tree disrupting the overall look of your interior. Quite the opposite: thanks to the minimalist shapes and subtle colours, they blend in perfectly and remain a timeless classic.

When do you need a cat tree for kittens?

As a rule, kittens start to sharpen their claws at the tender age of 10-12 weeks. Due to their natural instincts and play instinct, they will certainly quickly take up the offer of a climbing tree. If your kitten is sceptical about the cat tree at first, you can easily get them used to it bit by bit: You can play with it near the cat tree or spoil it with cuddles and treats. Our intelligent cats learn quickly!

Kitten cat trees: What is important?

On cat trees, your little tiger can let off steam to its heart's content, snooze on the lounger or sharpen its claws. Therefore, pay attention to the following points if you want to find the right cat tree for you:

●        High quality: Scratching and climbing trees from stylecats® are made of particularly high-quality materials such as sisal or certified corrugated cardboard. Both materials provide optimum support for your cat's scratching. Sisal is a young natural fibre - the sisal trunks are therefore particularly allergy-friendly and easy to care for. Environmentally friendly corrugated cardboard is not only loved by our cats, but also scores highly in terms of sustainability and durability.

●        Opportunity to relax: Many of our models also offer your pet a cosy retreat for little naps with caves or wide lying areas. Our velvet paws particularly like to hide in a cat cave - here your kitten can relax, rest and retreat from everyday life.

●        Easy to assemble: While you can place some of our scratching posts on the floor in the place of your choice, cat trees for the wall, whether ceiling-high or half-height, are very easy to assemble. No detailed assembly instructions are required - sisal posts and scratching boards can be fixed horizontally or vertically to the wall in just a few simple steps using a modern steel bracket.

Buy cat trees for kittens online

Our kitten cat trees are not only practical, but also stylish. They go perfectly with any interior and are therefore not only a play area or retreat for your cat, but also a real eye-catcher in your home. Whether scratching post, sisal trunk or scratching board - with the cat furniture from stylecats® in modern designs, you can make yourself happy while at the same time providing your cat with a cosy place to sleep and a place to climb.