Line CLU

Line CLU

With its straightforward, modern design, the CLU cat tree is the classic among our scratching furniture. This cat tree can be used flexibly because it is stable and does not need to be fixed to the wall. All wearing parts of the entire scratching tree can be replaced individually at any time.

The stylecats® cat tree collection CLU has a clear design. A modern and filigree cat furniture with thin floor pads that are very comfortable for the cats. Elegant and reserved, that's the stylecats® CLU scratching post. The overall appearance of the stylecats® CLU scratching post is elegant and reserved. Angular sisal trunks and a uniform front edge look round off the straight concept. Miezi's comfort and needs have been thought of: Sufficient scratching surfaces made of high-quality sisal on the entire trunk, large lying areas as well as robustly lined and heat-storing microfiber pads make the stylecats® CLU scratching post a nice regular place.

The robust, exchangeable trunk parts of the CLU scratching post made of selected dried spruce wood in the base area of 8x8cm are very stable on a large, solid base plate (70x55 cm) with a white coating. The hard-wearing trunk is covered with a valuable 100% sisal. The delicate sisal surface structurefiligree look (compared to coarse sisal cords) and offers more fun for the cat.

Due to the solid base plate made of MDF (medium density fibreboard), the furniture is very stable and does not require additional wall mounting. A small steel plate on the underside of the base plate forms an ideal place for the main connecting screw. In addition, four surrounding screws, which form the main connection of the cat tree, are provided.

The high-quality, large lying areas measuring 4 x 50 cm made of MDF are not only ideal for large cats, they can also easily carry cats with a weight of up to 12 kg. The removable and interchangeable pads of the lying areas are made of a microfiber composite: the upper one The microfiber top layer is very robust, the middle layer is a special foam that offers ideal comfort and the lower top layer is 100% velor, which stores the heat emitted by the cat. The feel-good lying surfaces are invisibly fixed to the floor with a Velcro strip and are easily removable. The innovative fixation of the floor pad requires only the Velcro tape, which connects enormously firmly with the lower velour of the microfiber sandwich structure. Therefore, the normally associated fleece tape for floor fixation is not needed and the floor structure appears altogether filigree, since the Velcro tape does not apply thickly. The pads can be washed at 40 degrees on the gentle cycle, ideally in a pillowcase and should not be left in the washing machine for long.

Cosy caves, like our COCOON design cave, are the perfect retreat for cats. They prefer it to be soft and, if possible, a little dark. When cats sleep, they don't want to be disturbed. So please do not stroke them while they are sleeping, this can frighten a cat and it can react indignantly. The cat tree is the ideal place for such a retreat. Up here, at the appropriate height, your cat can dive down and no one can see or reach it. However, if she hears a noise, she can see everything from up there and always has her territory under control.

The optimal temperature for cats to feel comfortable is about 32 degrees, or even a little more. Then they don't have to expend any more energy to maintain their body temperature. The COCOON cat tree cave is equipped with a large opening and a washable cushion as standard.

Only an elevated cat cave offers your cat the safe place to feel really comfortable. If you already own a cat tree, you can upgrade it with our COCOON cat tree cave. You simply upgrade your existing cat tree with our set offer. The cuddly den is placed in the recess of the lying area and the new retreat is ready.