Cat litter box

When business calls, low-odour and modern litter trays are the first choice for our furry friends. Find out what you should look out for when buying in our guide.

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Modern litter trays and cat toilets with style

If you don't want to put your velvet paw through a plain plastic litter tray, a modern designer litter tray from stylecats® is just the right choice.

These are the advantages of stylecats® litter trays:

  • high quality

  • easy to clean

  • antibacterial

  • do not absorb odours

  • modern design

  • Made in Germany

Which litter tray is best for my cat?

Use these criteria to find the best litter tray for your velvet paw:

●        Type of toilet:

A litter tray is the simplest form of litter tray. Your cat has a comfortable entrance here.

Our tip: If possible, avoid hooded toilets with a swinging door. For a cat, it feels similar in there as it does for us humans on a mobile toilet.

●        Shape:

Cats usually turn in circles while doing their business. This has to do with the fact that they never let their territory out of their sight. A potential enemy could attack. They then bury their droppings thoroughly. This is why round litter trays with enough space for the animals to turn around are particularly suitable.

●        High rim:

It is important that the litter tray is deep enough to ensure that enough litter covers the base. A high rim ensures that the cat does not scrape the litter over it and that no lumps can step over the rim. If things do get hectic, a litter mat can help.

●        Material:

Cat litter trays made of enamel are a great advantage. Soiling can even be removed without cleaning agents - just with clear water. In addition, your pet's claws cannot dig into the material when scratching. These litter trays are particularly sustainable and are ideal for a cat's entire life - from kitten to senior!

●        Cleanliness:

Unpleasant odours and haste do not contribute to the success of your cat's business - this could be the reason why your house cat doesn't like using its current toilet. Cats have a great need for cleanliness. So it's good to know: If the litter is cleaned regularly, there will be no unpleasant odours from urine or faeces, even in a litter tray without a lid.

Our tip: If there is uncleanliness in your household, first check whether all the basic rules of the litter tray have been followed. These include a suitable litter tray location, sufficient litter for scratching, easy access and hygiene.

Where should I place the litter tray?

Where exactly should the litter tray be placed? There are a few things to bear in mind when choosing a litter tray:

●        Is the area freely accessible at all times?

●        Will your cat not be disturbed there?

●        Can the cat still see the room from its litter tray and has everything in view?

If your cat has other preferences and needs, please take these into account when deciding where to place the litter tray.

How do I clean a stylecats® litter tray?

If possible, the litter tray should be cleaned twice a day by removing the lumps in the litter. Then even litter trays without a bonnet will not smell of cat faeces.

How many litter trays do I need with 2 cats?

As a rule of thumb: in the best case scenario, there should always be 1 more litter tray in the flat or house than there are cats in the household.

Buy a modern designer litter tray - conveniently online!

Your velvet paw's litter tray is part of your cat's basic equipment. You only need to buy the stylecats® litter tray once, because thanks to the sustainable material it will accompany your pet for a lifetime. Simply order your new stylecats® litter tray online, choose the payment method that suits you best and shortly afterwards you will see how well the timeless design fits into your interior - no need to hide the litter tray!