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Cats love to scratch. But please not on our beloved furniture. To avoid this, high-quality scratching products save your furniture from the sharp cat claws. With design scratching furniture from stylecats® you can express the love for your cat as well as the love for your home. Because stylecats® scratching furniture are not only useful, but also look attractive.

At stylecats® you will find a wide range of unique and stylish scratching posts and scratching furniture to decorate your home according to your wishes and those of your cat. Make your home the best cat home in the world.

Design scratching post for your home

stylecats® scratching möbel show that this necessary cat accessory is not just a means to an end, but can really liven up your home. Our scratching möbel are more than a scratching möglichkeit for your cat. Scratching möbel of stylecats® are unique and minimalistic, which makes our scratching möbel a visual highlight in your Räumlichkeiten.

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stylecats® scratching möbel show that this necessary cat accessory is not just a means to an end, but can really liven up your home. Our scratching möbel are more than a scratching möglichkeit for your cat. Scratching möbel of stylecats® are unique and minimalistic, which makes our scratching möbel a visual highlight in your Räumlichkeiten.

The stylecats® scratching post collection is distinguished by its unique, modern design. No matter which cat you share your home with – with our products you will find the perfect design scratching möbel for all cat owners and cats. Our scratching posts focus on the essentials and are designed to meet your cat's needs while enhancing your home. Design meets functionality.

The design approach of the stylecats® scratching post collection is völly new. In the design and manufacturing process of the scratching möbel, we focus on comprehensively meeting the demands of both humans and cats. In keeping with this mission, we have developed beautiful, minimalist scratching mats that fit seamlessly even into space-saving, modern interiors. The scratching post is not only a part of the necessary equipment when living with cats, but becomes part of the whole living concept. At stylecats® you choose the original of modern scratching möbel.

All cat owners know the great worry about the favorite möbel, which manifests itself in the head with the arrival of the cat. Will the cat leave my furniture alone or will the favorite sofa soon have unsightly scratch marks? The fact is: cats need to scratch. It is their instinct, which they follow – no matter whether apartment or house cat or Freigänger. They do this on the one hand to communicate and to mark their territory, your living space. With visible scratches on the surface of the scratching post, cats show that this is their home. On the other hand, scratching serves cats as a kind of manicüre. By sharpening on suitable scratching möbeln can the regrowing claws gekürzt. This is important to prevent cat claws from becoming too long and womögrowing in.

By placing quality scratching möbles in your home, you provide your cat with an alternative to the sofa, chair or carpet. With this, cats can live out their instincts without beloved möbel suffering. With scratching furniture from stylecats® you not only get a functional scratching furniture for your cat at home, but also a modern design furniture as a real eye-catcher in your living room, which you can place centrally. This is important, because cats want to be in the middle of the action and consequently use the scratching post more often. A modern scratching post makes both you and your cat happy.

Important Möbelstück für the home of cat and man is a suitable Kratzmöglichkeit. In most living rooms, the classic cat tree is used. As an alternative or supplement, modern scratching posts can be placed in the cat's home. Scratching möbel of stylecats® are available in different variants. Depending on the scratching post model, it can be mounted on the wall or placed on a free floor space. Slim wall-mounted scratching mats match any interior design and can be hung on free walls in a few simple steps. In this way you save valuable living space and create a perfect scratching opportunity for your cat. In addition, certain scratching mats offer hiding and lying areas as a place to retreat for your cat. Thus, a stylecats® Scratching möbel is a true multi-talent and also fulfills functions of a modern scratching tree.

Two relevant points für the selection of the scratching möbel are important: the available space as well as your already existing möbel. If you have free space in your rooms, you can place different scratching posts on the floor next to a cat tree or a scratching post. The EASY and CAVY scratching posts made of high-quality corrugated cardboard are ideal for this purpose. For smaller living spaces or if you want to save floor space, you can hang the FREISCHWEBER or RELEX scratching post on a free wall. The two scratching posts blend discreetly with the walls in your living space and look more like a modern wall shelf than a scratching post for cats. In addition, the minimalist scratching board SCRATCHY can be attached to narrow wall projections and corners. Thus, various design scratching mübel can be easily incorporated into the interior.

Our stylecats® scratching möbel are made of high-quality materials fully produced in Germany. Thus, the stylecats® production stands for höchste standards and best quality. We pay attention to environmentally friendly and resource-saving production processes. Beds and beds are made of stable birch multiplex plywood, among other materials, so that the furniture is robust and has a long service life. For the scratching surfaces of the scratching pads, durable sisal or, in the case of our cardboard scratching pads, high-quality, certified corrugated cardboard is used. In case of wear and tear, the sisal surfaces of the scratching mats and boards can be replaced and renewed in a few simple steps. Thus, stylecats® scratching möbel stand for sustainable quality. Made in Germany.

Here there is no blanket answer. The stylecats® scratching möbel collection consists of different models, from which you can choose your favorite design scratching möbel. And don't worry: your cat doesn't care whether the scratching post is square or round. He will recognize with each stylecats® Kratzmöbel due to your instincts, what he can do with the Möbelstück – scratch at it. Thus, pick your scratching möbel to match your decorating style and the available space in your living room. For free walls or wall projections, white or anthracite coated scratching boards made of high-quality materials in the form of birch multiplex plywood can be mounted on the wall. A scratching board should be placed in the living rooms on typical walking paths of the cat, for example, on the way from the food bowl to the litter box. The embedded sisal insert serves as an aid for the perfect cat manicüre. The stylecats® scratching board SCRATCHY is available in two sizes. Several scratching boards can be combined or placed in different places in the house or apartment. As an alternative material to sisal, cardboard is suitable for scratching boards. A classic. Because as we know: Cats love cardboard. That's why we at stylecats® have two high-quality cardboard scratching mats in our program: CAVY and EASY. These are true all-rounders. With Kratzmöbel CAVY and EASY you get not only a Kratzmöglichkeit home, but also offer your cat a safe place to sleep thanks Höhlen and lie down function.

All stylecats® scratching möbel are ideal as an ergänzung to a stylecats® scratching post. So you can offer your cat different scratching möglichkeiten and make your home the best cat home in the world.

For your ideal cat home, you should offer your cat several scratching möglichkeiten. The exact number and placement of scratching möbel depend on the individual circumstances of the living space. Try to find out in which rooms you and your cat like to spend a long time – often it is, for example, the living room or even the sheep room. The living room is in most cases a good place to set up a scratching post or a large scratching post, because your cat will gain not only a scratching post but also a place to sleep. Also, determine typical paths that your cat walks in your cat home in everyday life. For example, if the cat crosses the hallway when going from one room to another, you can install a scratching board on a wall where the cat often runs. Especially in households with several cats, you should offer several scratching möbel, so that disputes about the best places can be avoided.

Groundsätzlich it is recommended to offer a cat not only several, but also different Kratzmöglichkeiten. For this purpose, different stylecats® scratching möbel can be used and combined with a stylecats® scratching post. Make sure that you offer your cat different hides and Rückzugorte even with little space available. This is made possible by space-saving scratching mats from stylecats® in every home. You can also use different materials with the combination of sisal and cardboard scratching pads. This looks attractive and brings variety into the cat's everyday life. To create a climbing park for your cat, you can combine a wall scratching post or scratching post with climbing pole TREKKY. Thanks to the stable wall mounting of this scratching post, you can hang individual sisal sticks almost floating on your walls. This adds a new level to your cat's living space.

You want to buy a design scratching post from our collection online, but are still unsure which is the right model for your home? Feel free to contact us by phone or e-mail, we are always ready to help you with our advice. We will gladly send you sisal samples free of charge, so that you can make the right choice for your interior and your taste. Your new design scratching post will be conveniently delivered to your home. Throughout Germany, shipping is free with us from an order value of 100 euros. If you come from the Nähe or visit us möchten, you can pick up your order also with us locally in our Brand Store. We look forward to seeing you.