Modern vibes meet cat functionality. The SCRATCHY scratching board automatically attracts your cat and demands to be scratched. Kitty's morning routine? Territory marking has never looked better. The sisal surface of the SCRATCHY scratching board can be replaced if necessary.

The stylecats scratching boards are chic and inconspicuous claw sharpening stations. Different formats allow individual locations - the SCRATCHY long scratching board, for example, can be mounted on a narrow wall protrusion.

If the cat wants to scratch over a large area, the shapes of the scratching boards as a square or rectangle are ideal. Both the optics and the functionality are well thought out and will provide long-term pleasure.

The scratching board SCRATCHY is available in white and anthracite. There are two sizes to choose from - so the scratching board can be placed almost anywhere.

Only the highest quality materials are used. The scratch board carrier plate is made of sturdy birch multiplex plywood. The hard-wearing 100% sisal has a delicate surface structure, making it easy for cats to scratch. In addition to the scratching fun, this sisal version looks very filigree and modern.

The innovative stylecats® scratching board has a modern and restrained appearance. Both the wall fixationAuschoption of the sisal are not visible from the outside. The assembly points can also be transferred to the wall from the scratching board.

The carrier material consists of high quality birch multiplex wood.

The sisal can be exchanged using screws on the back. As a result, the sisal can withstand even rough scratching attacks without any problems. The scratching board can therefore be used over the long term and the entire scratching board does not have to be disposed of.

The carrier material consists of high quality birch multiplex wood.

Scratching board SCRATCHY in white is available in three versions: square, rectangular or long. You can combine a hard-wearing sisal surface in beige, light gray, anthracite or black. The three basic shapes make it possible to assemble separate scratching surfaces even in narrow places and Kitty can sharpen her claws as she passes.

SCRATCHY scratching board in anthracite is also available in three shapes: square, rectangular or long. You can combine the hard-wearing sisal surface in beige, light grey, anthracite or black. This variety of shapes means it can be used on almost any surface in the house or flat. Your furniture is protected because your tiger can sharpen its claws in many places as it passes by.

The coated base material is made of high-quality and robust birch multiplex wood. The surface can be wiped clean. The sisal surface is stored in a pocket cut-out. Neither the wall bracket nor the fixing points of the scratching surface are visible from the outside. The mounting points can simply be transferred from the scratching board to the wall. If necessary, the scratching surface can be reordered and replaced. All this makes SCRATCHY a long-lasting scratching furniture that is very environmentally friendly.