Perfect grip for maximum climbing fun. We have perfectly packaged the practical function of this scratching furniture in a simple frame. Robust sisal meets high-quality birch multiplex wood. The simple, space-saving GRIPPY scratching wall is made in Hanover from certified, pollutant-free materials.

A modern cat climbing wall not only creates more space on the floor in your own rooms, but is also a visual enrichment for every cat home. Whether modern wall scratching post or scratching furniture, our scratching wall combines modern design with perfect functionality. You create a hidden place for your cats and a space-saving as well as attractive scratching furniture for your room.

All hanging scratching furniture in our collection is made of the best materials and impresses with its high-quality workmanship. The combination of different materials ensures the exclusive look of your design scratching and climbing wall and makes it appear timeless and trendy. The style-conscious design of all our wall scratching posts make your room look modern; with the right choice of colour, you can create your room just the way you want it.

A white climbing wall, for example, makes the whole room look bigger and friendlier. Anthracite-coloured wall scratching trees make for a real eye-catcher in a light room and thus set themselves skilfully in scene. Place the cat scratching post in the living room and the anthracite finish will make a statement. Stylecats scratching furniture beautifies your living space and thus skilfully accentuates your living environment and creates the perfect living space for your cats.

All our modern climbing scratching posts can be individually configured according to your wishes and ideas. You can choose from different colours, surfaces and sisal finishes; for example, you can choose between white and anthracite surfaces. Our wide range allows you to find the design climbing wall that is perfectly tailored to your wishes and requirements and fits ideally into your home.

Our modern wall scratching trees are hanging elements. All scratching furniture offered in our shop includes a sturdy metal wall bracket set. All screws and dowels are included - solid walls are required.

At stylecats you will find high-quality wall scratching trees that are modern, timeless and innovative.