This innovative scratching wall hangs discreetly and fused with the wall in the realm of the cat. RELEX is a space-saving, modern cat furniture that offers everything a cat's heart desires: You can run around, chill, or file or sharpen your claws. Depending on requirements and in relation to the cat's climbing behavior and the space available, there are different variants with two, three or four lying surfaces to choose from. On the top lying surface, Miezi has the best view around the rooms of the apartment.

The RELEX scratching wall is set up in a few simple steps: fix the hanging fittings to the wall, slide the shelves into the scratching wall grooves and fix. Afterwards Relex can be hung on the hanging fittings and the supports of the lying surfaces can be attached.

The ideal scratching wall height from the floor to the lower edge of the scratching wall is approx. 50 - 70 cm.

The top and bottom material is made of the very stable birch multiplex plywood,In the long term, no material fatigue occurs. The lying surfaces are precisely matched to the wall grooves to a tenth of a millimeter so that the floors do not wobble. These are then fixed on the back with special screws. The hanging fittings are made of steel.

The hard-wearing sisal is embedded flush in the scratching wall. A filigree sisal structure ensures a modern look. If the sisal insert is worn out at any time, it can be replaced without any problems - simply loosen the screws on the back.

The cushions of the lying surfaces consist of a microfiber composite: the upper microfiber cover layer is very robust, the middle layer is a special foam that offers ideal comfort and the lower cover layer is 100% velor that stores the heat emitted by the cat . The cushions can be washed at 40 degrees on a gentle cycle

The removable cushions are invisibly attached to the floor with a Velcro strip. The innovative fixation of the floor support only requires the Velcro tape, which bonds extremely firmly to the lower velour of the microfibre sandwich structure. As a result, the normal fleece tape for fixing the floor is not required and the floor structure has a delicate overall appearance because the Velcro tape is not thick.

This innovative scratching wall hangs discreetly in the living room, blending in with the wall. RELEX is a space-saving, modern piece of cat furniture that offers everything a cat's heart desires: cats can scratch, climb and then rest on the sturdy lying surfaces (30x40). From above, Miezi has an ideal view of the entire room. The scratching element can be replaced if necessary.

Birch multiplex wood, 100% sisal, microfibre pads provide comfort. The RELEX viewing and scratching panel can be positioned beautifully on the wall or near a window and catches the eye. It blends in with existing home furniture and could also be a shelf. RELEX is only available with a white coating, with a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 lying surfaces.