and manufacturing facility

Attention to detail, expert craftsmanship and enthusiasm for uncompromising quality are all part of our long-standing tradition and without compare in the industry. Since founding our company in 1980, we have consciously focused on true hand craftsmanship, and most of the HUNTER product range is produced in our manufacturing facility in Bielefeld. Numerous special procedures are involved in making each and every product.

Before reaching your four-legged friend, every item undergoes a lengthy manufacturing process: we start by selecting the materials and designs, then die-cut the individual pattern pieces and fold down the edges of the comfortable leather lining, stitch the components firmly together, fit the buckles and finally inspect the finished product to ensure that it meets our quality standards.

Extra comfort

Almost all the collars, harnesses and leashes in our extensive product range feature a double lining of soft cowhide nappa leather that is very gentle on the coat. Areas subject to particularly heavy wear and tear are reinforced on the inside with strips of synthetic or fabric interfacing in order to enhance their strength without compromising the softness of the product.

In the case of lined products, the ‘D’ rings are elaborately sewn into the space between the upper material and the backing layer; this has the advantage of creating a smooth inner surface. Uncompromising comfort and quality – that’s what HUNTER stands for.

Turned edges  

Our collars, harnesses and leashes made of genuine and artifical leather feature single-turned edges at the very least, usually even double-turned edges; this means they rest very comfortably against the dog’s sensitive neck and body, as well as being pleasant to the touch for human beings. Thanks to the turned leather edges, the dog’s body does not come into contact with any raw seams. Therefore, the skin and coat are optimally protected. We have always used soft nappa or easy-care artifical leather to line our goods.

Neoprene padding  

Our neoprene collections feature durable nylon and neoprene padding – a combination of materials very popular with dog owners. The soft, extra-wide padding adapts perfectly to the neck of any dog and is pleasant to the touch, both for the dog and its owner.

Trimmings and fittings

In addition to selecting the best possible materials for collars and leashes, we attach great importance to high-quality trimmings and reliable fittings or fasteners in order to ensure that dogs and their owners are safe at all times.

Engraving and embossing 

HUNTER products are marked with our distinctive lettering or logo. This means you can always be sure of buying a HUNTER original. Exclusive fittings engraved with the brand name HUNTER and other components such as stop rings and fasteners featuring HUNTER lettering.

Aluminium clasp “Alu Strong”

Thanks to its minimal weight, the “Alu Strong” clasp offers a high level of comfort; what’s more, it can be opened and closed easily and is designed to withstand a tensile load of up to around 200 kg depending on the size. Other advantages of the rustproof “Alu Strong” clasp are its excellent colour-fastness and durability. Even low temperatures can do no harm to this high-gloss polished clasp.