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Cat toy DUSTY

Cat toy DUSTY
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  • SZ.DSTY-ba-Hellgrau
natural stimulating guaranteed play and cuddling fun   The cute toy mouse...more



guaranteed play and cuddling fun


The cute toy mouse DUSTY, with a filling of either valerian or catnip, is a real eye-catcher with his blue-dotted ears.

Due to its unique shape, it can be twirled around as well as cuddled and will take your cat's heart by storm. The integrated rattle makes for a particularly exciting play adventure.

Catnip provides a unique experience for your cat. The substance nepetalactone is absorbed through the nose and acts like an opioid for 5 to 30 minutes. Within a short time, your cat's anxiety dissolves and euphoria spreads. The appropriate moment for our fur friends to get rid of their energy....

Valerian produces different effects in cats. Some rediscover your urge to move, others appear deeply relaxed. The odorant sesquiterpenes makes this effect possible. Try the effect on your four-legged friends and see what happens...

The cat toy is handmade in Hannover. This gives each mouse its own face and makes it truly unique.

Make your cat happy and delight him with the toy mouse DUSTY. We recommend a dosed application and storage in a suitable box to preserve the aroma as long as possible.

100% canvas

Valerian root or catnip and sheep wool

approx. 18 x 11 x 5,4 cm

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