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The toilet sets new standards in terms of appearance and hygiene. It is easy to clean with water...more
The toilet sets new standards in terms of appearance and hygiene. It is easy to clean with water and does not absorb any odors. In contrast to plastic litter boxes, the pore-free surface of enamel is antibacterial and permanently easy to care for. Hence the frequent use of enamel in the sanitary area and in the kitchen.


The toilet by katchit is made of enamelled sheet steel and anodized aluminum. The enamel is melted onto the steel at high temperatures. This creates a glass-like, very scratch-resistant surface with high resistance to acids and alkalis.

frequently asked Questions

Is theIs the litter box big enough for my cat?
Yes - Due to the unique round shape and a generous diameter of 480mm, the toilet is also very suitable for larger cats. Ø 480 mm / height: 135 mm / weight: 3600 grams.

Why is the toilet more economical than other litter boxes?
Because it lasts forever. If handled properly, it has a practically unlimited lifespan. The constant purchase of new litter boxes is superfluous. The timeless design supports a very long use.

Why is the litter box environmentally friendly and fair?
It is made of steel and aluminum, is recyclable and does not contain any toxins. Only FPaints used without heavy metals. The litter box is manufactured in Germany by owner-managed, medium-sized companies with a fair wage structure. There are no long transport routes during production.

What should be considered when cleaning the litter box?
Thanks to the non-porous enamel surface, it is antibacterial, permanently easy to care for and hygienic. Water and kitchen towels are sufficient for cleaning. Simply soak and wipe dry things. Do not use abrasives or steel wool. Because cats are sensitive to smells, it does not make sense to work with cleaners.

Do I have to use a special cat litter?
Any cat litter can be used.

Diameter: 48 cm
Height: 13.5 cm
Weight: 3600 grams

anodized aluminum
enamelled sheet steel

scratch-resistant and easy to care for
does not accept odors
against acids and bases
Colors without heavy metals

Body colors
White, gray, black

Colors ring
Black, gray, silver, gold

The colors and shapes of the images shown may vary slightly.
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