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Acclimatising a cat: A successful start in the new home

You've waited a long time for this, and now the time has come: your cat is moving in! Whether it's a kitten or a second cat, we'll give you some tips on how to successfully get your new housemate settled in at home.


Catmint for cats: How the plant works

Does your velvet paw get really excited when it comes into contact with catnip? We explain what effect the popular plant can have on your cat and when it can be of valuable service to you.


Initial cat equipment: What you need

The joy is great: Soon you will have at least one velvet paw to keep you company? In this article you will find out what you need for the first kit and what is also important for kittens and outdoor cats.


Recognize parasites in cats

Parasites are annoying pests that can also make life difficult for your velvet paw. We will explain to you which parasites infest cats, what to do and whether they can also be dangerous to you.


Keeping a cat alone: Yes or no?

Would you like to keep a cat or do you already have a house cat and are asking yourself whether it needs a companion? Here you will find all the information you need about single cats and keeping your cat alone.


Female cat or male cat: What suits me?

Female cat or male cat – you are unsure which suits you better? We explain what distinguishes female cats from male cats, tell you important characteristics and how you can distinguish between the genders.


Where can you buy a cat?

A faithful companion on four paws to cuddle and play with: Are you looking for a suitable housemate? We explain where you can find a suitable cat for you and how you can recognise reputable providers.


Housetraining your cat: How it works

Your kitten is not yet house-trained? Don't panic! We explain what cat accessories you need for training, how you can best support your cat and what mistakes can happen.


Kitten development: How your kitten grows up

Kittens grow up quickly! They go through different stages of development. We explain what happens in the first months of a cat's life and how your velvet paw changes as it gets older.