Time with your cat - massage for relaxing

Massage the cat: This way your cat stays relaxed

Cats are curious and lively, but they also need extensive periods of relaxation and will be happy if you give him time for a relaxing massage. Your pet will reward you with a pleasant purr when he is in the mood for a massage. If the time is not convenient, just try again later.

You should consider the following for the cat massage:

  • It is important that you yourself feel sufficiently relaxed to devote yourself exclusively to your darling, because only then will it be a soothing cuddle for both of you.
  • Take a good quarter of an hour to massage your cat and watch her carefully. If you notice that she becomes restless or does not like the massage, take a short break or repeat the exercise another time.
  • Check which pressure your pet finds pleasant. You can apply a little more pressure during the massage than during a traditional stroke.

What you will need:

  • a quiet corner of your home
  • a comfortable seat for you
  • a cat blanket or cushion
  • if your cat likes it: cat brush or harrow

Cat massage - how it works

To prevent your kitten's delicate fur from getting caught in a finger ring or bracelet, you should take jewellery off. Warm up your hands and the feel-good massage can begin.

Our tip: You can judge for yourself how best to get your four-legged friend off to a soothing massage. Therefore, you can vary the order in which the body parts are massaged - just the way your pet likes it best.

  1. Neck
    Use your thumb and forefinger to draw calm and even circles underneath the head of your chick. Vary the movement by applying gentle pressure and stroking slowly straight down the neck.
  2. Back
    After some time, switch to the back massage. To do this, stroke along the sides of the spine with your thumb and forefinger, also with light pressure. You can also vary here by using your whole hand for a change, stroking along to the tail.
  3. Forehead
    If you have the impression that the massage of the back vertebrae is now sufficient, you can switch to the forehead massage. Use your finger to draw gentle, small circles on your forehead. If your cat likes this, she will purr and close her eyes and fall into a state of complete relaxation. So don't be surprised if your cat falls asleep.
  4. Neck
    Most cats love to be tickled on the neck. They usually stick their noses up in the air a bit when they notice that someone wants to scratch their neck. You can therefore slowly stroke them from top to bottom with 1-2 fingers or the back of your fingers. A variation of the neck massage is gentle crawling with 2-3 fingertips.
  5. Paws
    Cats are particularly sensitive on their paws, so first test here carefully with a little pressure to see if your pet wants to be massaged by you. Circular movements at the pads and gentle pressure when stroking the paws are possible movements here.

Our tip: If your massage is well received, try a stomach massage as well. Not all cats can be cuddled easily here, as cats are particularly vulnerable when lying on their back. But if she likes stroking and crawling her tummy with gentle pressure, you can assume that your house cat is completely relaxed.

What does your cat like best, how does she find peace and quiet most quickly? What tips do you have for a soothing cat massage? Let us know, we look forward to it!

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