Cat behaviour

Here you will find valuable tips and tricks about cat training and the education of your velvet paw: How to positively influence cat behaviour by means of clicker training and target rod, about the right rewarding with treats up to specific exercises and training units.

Katzentraining und -erziehung

Body language of cats

Our paws communicate with us every day - we just have to learn to interpret their signals correctly. We'll show you how to do this below!


Why do cats scratch?

Does your velvet paw sometimes scratch and sharpen its claws on you and your furniture? We explain the reasons for scratching, why it is so important for your cat and how you can control the scratching.


Indoor cats: What to watch out for with house cats

If you decide to get a cat or a tomcat, there are a few other questions to consider, such as whether your cat will be allowed to go outside or whether it will remain an indoor cat.


Outdoor cats: What you should know

Cats that can move freely outside and do what they feel like lead a fulfilled life. They arrive home balanced and content.


Time with your pet - 5 tips for relaxation

Treat yourself and your furball to some time out and enjoy pure relaxation together. Not only you will benefit from the relaxing hours, but also your dog or cat will thank you for it.


Acclimatising a cat: A successful start in the new home

You've waited a long time for this, and now the time has come: your cat is moving in! Whether it's a kitten or a second cat, we'll give you some tips on how to successfully get your new housemate settled in at home.