Cat health

The health of your cat is the most important thing. From typical cat diseases and regular worming treatments to vaccinations and a visit to the vet to have the symptoms of a possible illness clarified: Here you will find all the articles with important information about the prevention and treatment of your cat.


Removing ticks from cats

Cats love forays through nature! But they can get ticks in the process. Since the pests can transmit diseases to your cat, you should remove them as soon as possible. We'll tell you how!


Time with your cat - massage for relaxing

Cats are curious and lively, but they also need extensive periods of relaxation and will be happy if you give him time for a relaxing massage. Your pet will reward you with a pleasant purr when he is in the mood for a…


Feline rhinitis: a serious disease?

Cats also sneeze in between, that is no reason to worry. But what if the eyes tear and the nose runs constantly: Has your velvet paw caught a cold or does it suffer from cat cold? We inform you!


Recognize parasites in cats

Parasites are annoying pests that can also make life difficult for your velvet paw. We will explain to you which parasites infest cats, what to do and whether they can also be dangerous to you.


Cooling down for cats: Tips for the summer

Even small tigers can get too hot in summer: We show you how cats deal with heat, how you can recognise serious overheating and how you can cool your cat down.


The thing with cat food

The thing about cat foodThe huge selection and the jungle of labelling make it difficult for us as cat owners to find the right food for our fluffy four-legged friends.


Cat disease FIP

With this article we would like to inform together with Sabrina from sallyfipfighter about the cat disease FIP and encourage everyone who is affected by FIP.


Blind cats - Life with handicapped cats

In this blog article, Carolin talks about living together with her blind/half-blind cats, difficulties in everyday life and answers frequently asked questions about handicapped cats.