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SISAL INSERT base plate

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Sisal color:

  • KB.EIN.BP-be
The high-quality sisal scratching area in the base plate for your cat can also be exchanged for... more
The high-quality sisal scratching area in the base plate for your cat can also be exchanged for the stylecats scratching posts. This has several advantages for you: after a certain amount of stress from your cat, only the scratching area needs to be replaced and your darling does not have to get used to a new home, because the rest of the furniture remains.

You will also remain flexible in your choice of colors in the future, you can choose between four different sisal colors. The sisal is fastened on the inside with screws. This makes the sisal easy to replace and still withstands rough scratches without any problems.

Features colors and shapes of the images shown candiffer slightly.
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