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KWALLE KARL has joined OCTI OTTO in his plan to conquer the world, but jellyfish - especially...more

KWALLE KARL has joined OCTI OTTO in his plan to conquer the world, but jellyfish - especially the eared jellyfish to which KWALLE KARL belongs - are swarm animals. Reinforcement is urgently needed and your cat is perfect for this.

KWALLE KARL is in desperate need of assistance in getting around, now that the current of the sea is no longer helping him. What is more suitable than some strong cat teeth or claws?

Jellyfish are only able to move up and down, KWALLE KARL cat toy lets you simulate this and get your cat's attention. If the hunting instinct is still not awakened, just pull the little animal behind you and watch what happens? Joint fun is pre-programmed.

The material from which the sea animal is made, ensures long-lasting fun. After all, the plan of world conquest should not fail because of a few scratches.

KWALLE KARL is made of 100% merino wool. The shiny look on KARL's head is mulberry silk threads felted in. A sustainable cat toy for your home.

Use only under supervision.

Length: approx. 27cm

Length of the string: 135cm

Color: white


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Consultant tomcat Dimi
Consultant tomcat Dimi
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